How to Get the Perfect Base in Palworld (Updated)

Learn how to build the best possible base in the game!

Having the perfect base in Palworld can be the key to a successful gaming experience. This is because it is the base that will protect a large part of your resources and, if well located and with the right pals in it, it can generate many more important items in the game for the player.

Do you want to have a well-built base and advance quickly in the game with as much quality as possible? In today's article we'll teach you how to build the best base in terms of strategic location, materials used for its construction and even which pals are the best options to keep working within it. Check out the tips below and get your game on!

Choosing the right location

Palworld world map
Palworld world map

The first step to building the perfect base in Palworld is to choose the ideal location for it. As the base also serves as a fast travel point, no matter where you are on the map, it's important to locate it close to important natural resources. Areas such as ore sources that are usually found near rivers, as in the case of the palladium ore that is one of the most useful in the game, are indicated as good for establishing your base.

It's also important that the area you choose to make the perfect base in Palworld is located in a flat area, free of slopes to make construction easier, as some things can't be built in the middle of reliefs and you'll need space. This also prevents the pals who are at the base helping you with the job from getting stuck in holes and unwanted reliefs. A flat area turns out to be the best place to base in Palworld.

In addition, having natural defenses on the ground is also important to avoid invasions of your base by enemies, so it's interesting to look for places that are difficult for unwanted visitors to access and that have things that will get in the way of anyone wishing to invade your area. Building barricades along the way to your base is also a good thing to do on this point, however tiring it may be for you. However, when you manage to capture a flying pal that can be used as a mount, you won't have so much trouble walking through them, as you'll be able to do it flying.

Don't use wood in construction!

Speaking of the danger of enemy invasions, the structure of a perfect base in Palworld also needs to be prepared for them. As you rise, the level of your attackers also rises and the risk of them starting fires to destroy your base increases. Wood spreads fire very easily, so it's one of the worst possible materials to use when building.

What's more, the player himself can end up starting fires unintentionally with simple actions such as hitting a wall with a torch. Although the water elemental pals can extinguish some fires, it's not a 100% guarantee that they'll be able to put out something of major proportions, so it's always better to be safe than sorry.

A great way to prevent this is to build your base with stone structures, even though they only become available for use at level 18. Although it takes a little longer to be usable for this purpose, stone lasts longer than wood and is not a flammable material. A base made of stone is undoubtedly a perfect base in Palworld, but it's also good to be careful about the companions you leave working there and we'll tell you which ones are best suited for this.

Best pals to have in your base

In the game you can also leave captured pals at your base to do some tasks while you explore the world and go on adventures. These little friends will be very useful if you choose them wisely and can make your perfect base in Palworld even more unbeatable. Below we've listed the five best pals to keep working at your base for you.


The pal Bushi
The pal Bushi

Ter Bushi makes a perfect base in Palworld due to his formidable skills as a woodcutter. He has several skills that make him an excellent companion for lumbering and transporting wood, which can be very useful within your base when carrying out this type of task.

One of the only problems with this pal is that it's quite hard to find, especially if you're a beginner player. It is usually seen in only two places on the map: the southern region of Mount Obsidian and Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. The first place mentioned is so dangerous that it is nicknamed "Volcanic Island" by Palworld players, and the second is equally challenging.


The Petallia pal
The Petallia pal

Petallia's skills are geared towards growing plants and this can be very useful when trying to set up a perfect base in Palworld. Petallia is a very sweet pal who is loved by players and her ability known as "Blessing of the Flower Spirit" makes it easier to grow berries, wheat, lettuce and tomatoes, which are very important items for the player on their journey.

There aren't exactly any disadvantages to choosing Petallia as your base, as it's not as hard to find as Bushi. He's also only available in two locations, but these aren't difficult to access as long as you have a flying or aquatic mount pal. You can find Petallia on an island located near Wildlife Sanctuary No. 1 or by challenging its alpha boss version by going to the Sealed Realm of the Spirits in the center of Moonless Shore island.


Pal Penking
Pal Penking

Penking is one of the best pals to have in your base. He is easily found at the start of the game and has the advantage of always having his skills at level 2, which puts him above other starting pals who can also be very useful in the base. He is easy to find and can help make up a perfect base in Palworld as he is versatile when it comes to tasks.

This pal can move items around, water plants, keep food fresh and even create certain resources. If you don't have a Penking to call your own in your inventory yet, a pal that could replace it would be the Pengullet, at least until you find one. There are only advantages to having a Penking in your base!


The Grizzbolt pal
The Grizzbolt pal

Grizzbolt is one of the most famous pals in the game and is almost always in promotional materials linked to the game. He is simply one of the best pals to have on a perfect base in Palworld due to the amount of things he can do. Grizzbolt can generate energy as an electric pal, build structures, manufacture resources and defend his base from enemies.

The problem with Grizzbolt is that it is a rare pal. You can even find him easily in Nature Preserve No. 1, but capturing pals there is considered a criminal activity. You can still try to capture him, but you'll have to avoid meeting guards and a possible conflict along the way.


The pal Anubis
The pal Anubis

Having an Anubis makes a perfect base in Palworld. This pal is one of the best at carrying out tasks, being able to mine very valuable resources directly from the earth. It's also great at various types of manual labor and, although it's not its specialty, it can be very useful for transporting materials.

The main disadvantage of Anubis, however, is the difficulty the player will have in capturing him. The Alpha boss that can be defeated to have a chance of capture is found in the Dunes of Twilight and its level is 47, which can be quite high. But, if you get together with friends and manage to put together a good strategy, you may be able to take it into your collection of pals and make good use of it in your base.


In fact, each pal presented here will be useful for one specific thing, but will be essential for building a perfect base in Palworld. Many players may also end up asking themselves "how many bases can I have in Palworld"? And the answer to that question is up to three bases. However, it's important to focus on each of them so that they don't end up unprotected or poorly built. Follow the steps described in this article and you're guaranteed a successful attempt!

But what about that? Did we manage to help you set up a perfect base in Palworld? Share your experience with us in the comments! Take the opportunity to check out our article on how to find Palladium in the game and also watch the video below to understand a little more about the positioning of the bases in the game!

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