How to get Pal Fluid in Palworld

Find out where and how to get this feature in the game!

Knowing how to get pal fluid in Palworld can be the key to making your base work in the game. The resource offered by the game is very useful for various things and can be essential so that your companions don't end up freaking out and can carry out their tasks without too much stress involved.

The pal fluid is used so that the player can assemble an essential item to keep the health levels of the pals working at your base high: hot springs. When your pal's stress bar rises too high, the hot springs can normalize the situation so that your companion can return to work with greater peace of mind.

Of course, this is just one of the item's functions in the game and the most important one, but knowing how to get pal fluid in Palworld is also important for many other things. That's why this article will focus on how players can get it and will explain several points about the quest for the item! Need some pal fluid? Follow us and you'll know exactly what to do to get it!

How to get Pal Fluid

What makes pal fluid a slightly more complicated item to obtain is the difficulty in finding the pals who drop the flask as an item. In general, there's not much mystery about how to get it. Pals of the "water" elemental type such as Fuack, Pengullet, Teafant, Celaray, Gobfin, Surfent, Kelpsea or Jormuntide are responsible for acquiring the pal fluid and they are not so easy to find around.

Pengullet is one of the best sources of pal fluid in the game
Pengullet is one of the best sources of pal fluid in the game

By capturing or confronting as many of them as possible, the player will always be able to obtain pal fluid safely. It is advisable to set up a base near rivers, beaches and water sources so that the chance of bumping into pals of this element increases and so does the likelihood of obtaining them. pal fluid as a drop also rises.

As Pengullet is the pal in this group most likely to appear, it's a good idea to go after him on the map, approach him slowly from behind and surprise him with a greater chance of captureThis way it won't get scared and run away. Each Pengullet drops one unit of pal fluid bottle per capture, so to build the hot spring, for example, you would need at least ten pal fluids in your inventory, which means that capturing at least 10 Pengullets is necessary.

Fuido de pal on the menu
Fuido de pal on the menu

The volume of pals to be captured to obtain the item will vary greatly according to the player's motivations, as the amount of pal fluid needed also changes according to what they want to build. Cement, a witch's cauldron, a water fountain, a tomato plantation and a lettuce plantation are other items in the game that require pal fluid to build, the fountain being the one that needs the most, requiring a total of 20 units of pal fluid to build.

Fountain being built
Fountain being built

Generally speaking, going around the map looking for water pals and looking near rivers, beaches and the like is the best way to get pal fluid in Palworld. Keeping a full stock of this item will make it much easier to build objects and also to maintain the mental health of the pals you keep doing your base's activities.

But what about that? Were we able to help you figure out how to get pal fluid in Palworld? Share your experience with us in the comments! Take the opportunity to check out our article on how to get the perfect base in the game and also the video below that we've put together especially for you!

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